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Campus Wireless Access

A Service of IET

The wireless network on campus supports most devices (802.11 a/b/g/n) and is available to all eduroam and UC Davis computing account holders.

In addition, the UCD Guest wireless network is available to guests on campus.


The UC Davis Wireless Network is available in many campus buildings and popular outdoor areas like the Quad and the Silo.

Coverage is available in all residential halls, except Webster. Please visit the Student Housing Computing website for more information.

Get Started: 

Instructions on how to connect to the UC Davis wireless networks -  eduroam and UCD-Guest:



OS X / iOS




Additional Information

Learn More: 

Wireless networks available on the UC Davis campus:

  • eduroam is the wireless network available to all eduroam-enabled accounts. It employs an encrypted authentication protocol called 802.1x and all wireless traffic between your devices and the wireless access point is encrypted. For more information on eduroam, visit To use an eduroam account from another educational institution, please follow the instructions linked under "How to get started" on how to connect to eduroam with your operating system. For more information, visit the eduroam website at
  • UCD Guest is the wireless network that is available to all guests of the campus. UCD Guest employs a browser-based captive-portal authentication. This means that there are limitations on "roaming" from one wireless access point to another (you may have to re-authenticate if you change buildings while using UCD Guest) and the wireless traffic between your laptop and the wireless access point is not encrypted.