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Web Hosting - Pantheon

A Service of IET

IET offers a high-performance, high-availability cloud solution for hosting sites and applications built using Drupal and WordPress, open source web application development platforms. This hosting solution is uniquely configured for a fast and scalable Drupal and WordPress stack with built-in continuous integration, development and testing environment, and version control.

In addition to the Pantheon service, IET has built a custom Drupal installation tailor-made for UC Davis. It includes most of the commonly-used modules, custom configuration such as CAS, LDAP, and Active Directory integration, and a UC Davis-branded theme based on the template from University Communications.

  • One-click Drupal or WordPress install
  • Development, test, and live environments
  • Continuous integration between environments.
  • Test server standard
  • Performance caching with Redis (pro plan only) and Varnish
  • Apache Solr high-performance site search with facets and word-stemming (pro plan only)
  • Automated remote backups (to separate infrastructure)
  • World-wide CDN for increased performance and security
  • Free SSL Certs on all plans
Get Started: 
  1. Create an account on Pantheon's web site using your email address.
  2. Email to be granted access to the UC Davis group.
  3. When your site is built, and ready to launch, complete the Pantheon Go Live Form.
    (You only pay when you're ready to add a live domain name.)

Regular business hours.


Pantheon Hosting Plans:

  • Development: FREE (no custom domain name)
  • Personal Plan: $25/month
  • Pro Plan: $100/month
  • Business Plan: $400/month

Managed Hosting:

Additional Information

Policies & Guidelines:

IET will...

  • Maintain the standard distribution of Drupal, including security patches and updates to core, UCD theme, select contributed modules, and third-party libraries.
  • Apply desired Pantheon Plan level to the requested site.
  • Bill monthly to the account code provided.

Managed Hosting also includes...

  • Updates to additional modules outside the standard distribution, including security patches.
  • Support requests escalated by designated customer contact(s).
  • Minor bug fixes (<2 hours/month).
  • Access to a Test environment during the update window, so the Customer can review updates in a timely manner.

Out of Scope services can be provided by IET Web Services on a recharge basis. Such as...

  • Functionality enhancements
  • Design changes
  • Full­-version platform upgrades (such as Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 upgrade)