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A Service of IET

Communications Resources is performing a major upgrade of the campus telephone system by exchanging the traditional analog phone network with a digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based solution. The new hosted VoIP system ensures high quality voice communications.

Service users will receive new VoIP telephones.


The new CISCO VoIP system has three independent, yet connected parts:

  • The phone with voicemail
  • Two web portals -  one for managing your voicemail, and one for managing your phone’s features
  • The Jabber softphone for your computer and/or mobile device
Get Started: 

The new VoIP system will be rolled out systematically, building by building, department by department. 

Communications Resources will work directly with departmental ATRs before, during, and after deploying the new phones to their departments.

Find your department's ATR


Communications Resources will provide information on how and when your department or unit will receive new equipment.

Additional Information

Learn More: 

Important: The information and user guides provided to the right will not be relevant until you have a new VoIP phone and the migration to the new system is complete. 


Policies & Guidelines:


For information on how several university-provided services (such as Voice and Data Services) are funded, please refer to the following (this information applies to organizations with Chart 3 or S accounts):