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UCD Guest Wireless

A Service of IET

UCD-Guest is a wireless network that UC Davis provides to visitors on campus. If you are visiting UC Davis for a short period of time and you need a wireless connection, then this is the network you should use.

UCD-Guest leverages a browser-based captive-portal authentication mechanism. This means that in some cases, you will have to open an internet browser to complete the login or account creation process. Additionally, there are limitations on "roaming" from one wireless access point to another (you may have to re-authenticate if you are off the network for an extended period of time, or if you change buildings while using UCD-Guest) and the wireless traffic between your laptop and the wireless access point is not encrypted.

If you have a campus credential (Kerberos ID) you can always use UCD-Guest by entering those credentials at the login screen, instead of creating a guest account.

  • Guest accounts do not require campus Kerberos authentication.
  • The accounts are valid for five days, although users must re-authenticate if they are off the network for more than eight hours.
  • One guest account can accommodate up to three wireless devices.
  • Visitors who lose their passwords can simply create a new account.
Get Started: 

1. On your mobile device, choose ucd-guest from your available wireless networks

2. Click Connect to open a browser window and the Guest Registration page

3. Select Create a ucd-guest account (or log in with an existing ucd-guest account if you have already set one up)

4. Enter the information requested and click Register. You will receive an email and/or text message confirming your account.

5. Log in to ucd-guest using the username and password included in your confirmation message.




No cost to campus visitors