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Telephone Service

A Service of IET

Add, Disconnect, Move or Change Campus Telephone Service. This service allows you to order a new telephone or FAX line, or disconnect an existing line. It should also be used for ordering and changing multiline telephone sets, requesting moves and making changes to services on telephone and FAX lines.

  • configuration consulting to assist with setting up telephone service for you or your department
  • voice line activation for telephone number changes, telephone line relocations, and conversions from multiline to single line
  • for telephone repair call 611 from any campus telephone.
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Each department on campus has an Authorized Telecommunications Representative (ATR) that is responsible for communications services. ATRs can access service request forms to order/change/disconnect telecommunications services, and download electronic telecommunications statements.

Find your department's ATR


Customer service is available Mon-Fri, 8am-noon & 1-5pm (closed noon-1pm).


This service is covered by the Common Good Assessment (CGA). See the FAQ under Attachments & Downloads below for more information about the CGA and Communications Resources services.

For more information about the CGA in general, visit this page on the Budget & Institutional Analysis (BIA) website.

Additional Information

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Equipment: You may purchase your own single line sets. If you are requesting a multiline set, a CR Customer Service Representative will contact your ATR before processing the order. Sets come with a wall and handset cord.

Installation: If you are adding a single line, you must provide your own set.

Note: Do not unplug your multiline set. All installations, moves and changes of multiline sets must be executed by CR.

Move Information

To move a telephone or FAX number from one location to another, you must provide the following:

  • The number being moved
  • The current location (building, room number and NAM)
  • The location where you want the number moved

Features: Standard & Optional

Standard Features

FAX line only: If ordering a FAX line, your ATR should check the box marked FAX Line Only on the CR order form. This will ensure that your line is protected from feature interference.

Multiline Service: If ordering a multiline set, please consult your CR Customer Service Representative to develop a feature configuration that meets your particular needs.

Single Line Service: If ordering a single line service, your ATR will have access to the standard feature offering which includes each of the 14 listed features on the front of the order form.

Optional Features

In addition to the standard feature offering, your ATR may customize your service by ordering from the menu of optional calling features. Each of these features may be ordered individually. Please consult with your ATR on the features you wish to order and ask that they provide the information requested on the order form. There may be monthly charges associated with some optional features.

For IT Providers: 

NAM Information

The NAM (Network Access Module) is the term CR uses to describe the place where you plug in your telephone or FAX machine to get a dial tone. Most NAMs are rectangular and an ivory color. The five-digit number written on the NAM is called the NAM number and must be included on all service requests in the space marked NAM. If a NAM is not available, you should include a floorplan/drawing of the building and room where you would like a new NAM installed. If you also need a Data NAM installed at this location, your ATR must complete the online New Data NAM Form and submit your order. Please provide a NAM number which appears nearest the port you will use to plug in your telephone or FAX machine. A wall NAM is a flat silver plate on the wall with only one port. If you are ordering a wall telephone you must use a wall NAM.

NCOS - Network Class of Service

The Network Class of Service (NCOS) determines the dialing-out access of each telephone and FAX line. The five levels of service are numbered, and the geographical regions covered by each of the NCOS levels are listed on the front of the form. NCOS 52 (Worldwide day/NCOS 2 night) allows you to protect lines from unauthorized calls after normal university business hours by allowing worldwide dialing-out access during the business day and restricting calls to Davis, Dixon and Woodland (NCOS 2 area) when the office is closed.