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Technology Support Program (TSP)

A Service of IET

IT providers on campus are partners in the mission to provide students, faculty, and staff essential technology and services. The Technology Support Program (TSP) is for IT professionals at UC Davis to use for networking and communication. 

The IT Provider webpage site gives you access to some of the most used tools and services along with information on meetings and events for the UC Davis IT community. We hold monthly TSP meetings to interact with one another, share knowledge and experience, as well as announce tech developments on campus. 

The webpage for IT Providers is also the space where technologists can request to join the program. When an IT professional becomes a member of the TSP, they are added to two program email lists:

TSP Share

TSP-share is the distribution list that is open to all members of the TSP community. It is commonly used as a channel for IT professionals to discuss topics that effect that campus as a whole, or ask for assistance after local resources have been exhausted.

TSP Info

TSP-info is a one-way distribution list used to bring information to the attention of the TSP community. This is only used in cases when important information must be passed to all IT professionals on campus.

  • Bi-monthly meetings
  • Dedicated web page for IT professionals
  • Dedicated listservs - TSP-Info and TSP-Share - for regular communication
Get Started: 

Go to this request form to join TSP. 



Additional Information

Learn More: 

If a TSP member has left the university or is no longer in a technology role, you can remove them from the program via this removal request form.

Policies & Guidelines: