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SiteFarm is the next evolution of UC Davis Web Content Management.

This service is a modern content management and web publishing solution. Taking advantage of the design implemented on the UC Davis Home Site, as well as the power of Drupal, SiteFarm will be made available to faculty, staff and IT providers to create great-looking, modern, and easy-to-edit web sites.

The primary offering of SiteFarm is built for content creators. When you get your SiteFarm site, you can start adding your content and laying out your homepage right away. No programmers required! 

SiteFarm offers hosting of your web site on our cloud-based high-performance platform at no cost to campus departments.

  • Meet UC Davis web branding requirements
  • Content creators and editors get an intuitive interface
  • Site builders get powerful tools to create dynamic functionality
  • Department administrators create and manage sites in their group
  • Developers have access to PatternLab style guide for building custom applications that adhere to campus branding
  • Enhanced security of standardized code base
  • High performance cloud hosting included at no cost to campus units
  • Mobile-friendly, Responsive, and Accessible
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UC Davis Colleges, Schools, Departments, Centers, Institutes, Labs, Research Groups, Initiatives, Events, and any other unit publishing content branded for UC Davis.

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