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A Service of IET

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, offering applications for all aspects of your business, including customer relationship management (CRM), sales, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer service and case management, marketing automation, business analytics, and much more. 

  • Ability to create and track contacts and accounts to follow their lifecycle (e.g. prospect, applicant, student, alumni)

  • Management of opportunities, leads, contracts & assets as well as results forecasting

  • Case management complete with entitlements, milestones, tasks & events

  • Mobile-friendly system that can be setup to allow updates in the field

  • File storage and management

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Cost varies based on:

  • Product purchased
  • License type and amount (Salesforce offers a nonprofit discount on licensing costs)
  • Setup and integration required with on-premises systems-of-record
  • Maintenance needs