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Radio Services

A Service of IET

Radio services includes providing two way communications and programming/reconfiguration for subscribers. Radio service is only for use for campus department. Coverage is available both on and between the Davis and Sacramento campuses.

  • Facilitates both emergency and non-emergency communications
  • Supports a large number of users
  • Provides continuous communications
  • Handsets from the Davis campus are able to communicate with their campus-based talk groups from the Sacramento campus.
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Each department on campus has an Authorized Telecommunications Representative (ATR) that is responsible for communications services. ATRs can access service request forms to order/change/disconnect telecommunications services, and download electronic telecommunications statements.

Find your department's ATR


Radio service is available 24/7. Customer service is available Mon-Fri, 8am-noon & 1-5pm
(Closed noon-1pm).

Additional Information

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Training is offered to subscriber departments during the radio service implementation process.

Typically, a department uses a main "talk group" and a few auxiliary "talk group(s)" that are set up specifically for their department's communications. Additionally, most radio handsets are configured to allow communications between campus service departments, such as UCDHS, Facilities, TAPS, and Fleet Services. Communications Resources' specialists work with your department to ensure that the functionality you require is built in to your radio service configuration. Each department's configuration will vary depending on requirements and the radio systems configuration constraints.

Used Radios - Things to know:

If you elect to purchase used radio handsets, which usually result in significant cost savings, please be sure to consult Communications Resources for compatibility standards. New handsets on the market support both analog and future digital technologies.

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