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Classroom Audio Recording

A Service of IET

Allows instructors and campus-affiliated organizations to record their own audio of lectures using MP3 audio recorders installed in most lecture halls and general assignment classrooms. For classrooms not equipped for recording, portable MP3 recorders can be checked out for instructional use at Academic Technology Services.

  • MP3 audio recording
  • In-room or portable MP3 recorders
Get Started: 

For help with the in-room recorders, contact the Classroom Hotline at 530-752-3333 or

To reserve a portable recorder for instructional use, contact Academic Technology Services (ATS) at 530-752-2133 or

For help making your podcast available to your students through Canvas, contact


In-room recorders are available during all open classroom hours.

Portable recorders can be checked out for instructional use from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (except the noon hour), Monday - Friday.