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Instructional Planning & Administration (IPA)

A Service of AADI

Instructional Planning and Administration (IPA) is a UC Davis-developed web application designed to make all aspects of academic scheduling faster and easier. 

IPA grew out of the needs of the academic coordinators on the UC Davis campus. It was envisioned by the UC Davis Administrative Application Development Initiative (AADI) and designed in conjunction with a volunteer committee made up of staff members from many departments on campus. Product design and development was performed by the DSS IT Developers Group.

  • Analyzes historical enrollment trends to help you decide how many seats are needed for future course offerings
  • Collects instructor and teaching assistant preferences and helps determine who can teach what class
  • Helps clarify the costs associated with your academic planning
  • Helps ensure a clearer understanding of your scheduling data
Get Started: 

Contact the IPA team for more information and how to get started.