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Gradescope streamlines the tedious parts of grading paper-based, digital, and code assignments while providing insights into how your students are doing.

Developed at U.C. Berkeley by Computer Science faculty and alums, Gradescope is a set of online tools that provides a streamlined, flexible, and consistent grading process, even for classes with very large enrollments.

Gradescope is a service that is accessed primarily through the UC Davis Canvas learning management system, but can also be accessed through a web browser.  See the "Get Started" section for more information.

  • Saves time on grading - can reduce the time required for grading by 30% to 50%, without requiring advance preparation.

  • Improves consistency and transparency - helps ensure consistency and fairness across graders, students, and sections by encouraging a horizontal workflow.

  • Saves time in class and in office hours - you can return graded exams to students much faster and it only takes a few clicks. Having a digital record of exams can also save time during office hours, since both you and the student have ready online access, saving you from rifling through a physical stack of papers.

  • Reduces academic integrity disputes - Having a scanned copy of every submission keeps students honest and reduces the likelihood of academic integrity issues.

  • Allows you to create more meaningful assessments - in courses with large enrollments, Gradescope removes some of the limitations that constrain pedagogical choices, so instructors are free to create more open-ended assessments.

Get Started: 

Gradescope is a tool in UC Davis Canvas that, by default, is hidden from navigation.  To enable Gradescope for your course, go to Settings -> Navigation.  You will find Gradescope towards the bottom of the list.  Click the three dots to the right of the Gradescope bar and select "Enable".

Gradescope can also be accessed by going to and clicking the "Log In" button.  When presented with the login box, select the "School Credentials" button.  Look for, and click on, "UC Davis Username" in the list presented.  Next, it will ask you to log in using the familiar UC Davis login ID and Passphrase use for all protected UC Davis services.

More information can be found in these UC Davis Knowledge Base articles:



Additional Information

Learn More: 

Customer support for Gradescope users is available via email (they reply within an hour during business hours). Upon request, the Gradescope support team is happy to schedule video calls and screen share.  Gradescope also has a series of short onboarding videos and written help documentation (see links below) in their help center. Instructor accounts also come pre-loaded with demo materials so that they can quickly try out Gradescope.

From the Gradescope web site, there are some helpful resources:

Email Gradescope Support