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(Emerging Service) Event Management System (EMS)

A Service of Campus IT Partners

Event Management System (EMS) is a commercial suite of software applications developed by Accruent for managing events (i.e., room reservations, service activities, resources, calendaring, signage, etc.). 

EMS provides a flexible, managed workflow that allows an organization to establish policies regarding room reservations. Organizations can establish security templates to control what rooms are accessible to different people and they can also choose to allow room reservations on a first-come-first-serve basis or require requests to be approved before the reservation is confirmed. Likewise, organizations can establish reservation rules, such as limiting the number or time of reservations, or control the timeframe in which room reservations can be made.  

uConnect/Exchange Integration

EMS is integrated with the campus uConnect Exchange email/calendaring system and a scheduling assistant utility similar to that within Outlook is available for creating meetings and inviting attendees. The scheduling assistant utility must have permissions on the event coordinator’s calendar to function properly. A service account, GSM-PAM, has been provided editor permissions on all uConnect calendars.   

Websites and Digital Signage

Event information within EMS can be used to publish event information in a variety of ways. Events can be easily published to websites, digital signage, or Crestron Room Scheduling panels. EMS also provides a full API that can be incorporated into more elaborate applications.


Advantages of EMS over Outlook for scheduling meetings

There are several advantages to using EMS in place of Outlook room reservations, including:

  • Supports reservation workflows (e.g., on-demand, request/approval)
  • You can extend a room reservation to cover setup/teardown time without affecting the published event/meeting time.
  • You can control access to room resources and establish rules for managing reservations.
  • You can group multiple reservations in multiple rooms into a single event for ease of management (e.g., conferences).
  • Supports scheduling of combo-rooms (i.e,. rooms with partitions)
  • People can search for facilities based upon features, available accessories, and occupancy limits
  • You can provide access to people that do not use Exchange/Outlook (e.g., students)
Get Started: 

View an example of a reservation process using EMS:      

For a demonstration or to get started with implementation, please contact Chip Mrizek,


24/7 (after licensed)


The Graduate School of Management purchased a campus-wide license in 2010 and manages the core infrastructure. The established architecture allows large departments to deploy and configure their own branded instance at no cost. However, there may be licensing fees for user access and various optional components. To learn more, contact Chip Mrizek at

Additional Information

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