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(New Service) Duo Multi-factor Authentication

A Service of IET

Duo multi-factor authentication is a system that requires a second piece of information or “factor” (such as a temporary code that is created for you) before you can log in to a site or service. Using multi-factor authentication improves privacy and security.

To log in to a site or service protected by multi-factor authentication (variants are known as two-factor or two-step), you need your usual password and username, plus something that only you have, such as a token or smartphone. Duo uses that device to deliver the second factor. Specifically, Duo generates a second, temporary password and sends it to you, typically by using your smartphone or token.

See the FAQ for more information on Duo and expansion plans to other applications and websites.

  • Provides better security for you and your computing account
  • Provides better security and protection of campus data assets, applications, and websites
  • You can use a hard token or the free mobile app on your smartphone
  • Not available for student use
Get Started: 

Visit the Knowledge Base to view this FAQ which covers how to get started.