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(New Service) DocuSign

A Service of IET

DocuSign is a software tool that automates electronic signatures, document routing and storage.

  • Direct cost savings (e.g. printing and postage)
  • Indirect cost savings (labor costs)
  • Reduction in document turnaround time
  • Better “customer” experience for those who must sign documents
  • Secure, legally binding eSignature application
  • Customizable work flow functionality
  • Ability to create reusable templates for repeatable processes
  • Integrated with campus Single Sign On
  • Environmentally friendly solution which reduces the use of paper
Get Started: 

Document signers can log in at any time. Document senders require a managed account. Managed accounts are administered by your department's Authorized DocuSign Representative (ADR). To find your ADR, visit




UC Davis has a site-wide license for DocuSign. 

Additional Information

Learn More: 

Review DocuSign FAQ in the UC Davis Knowledge Base.

Policies & Guidelines:


Research Usage of DocuSign at UC Davis

  • DocuSign can be used for research purposes.
  • DocuSign can only be used through the UC Davis license by those who operate under a “3” or “S” chart account.
  • DocuSign meets the California requirements for electronic signatures. This means that non-FDA, non-FERPA regulated studies can use the UC Davis DocuSign license to obtain electronic consent.
  • DocuSign is FERPA compliant; however, researchers who are using FERPA protected data should not use the UC Davis DocuSign license to conduct electronic consent.
  • The UC Davis DocuSign license is not currently Part 11 compliant.

Please remember that in addition to meeting the above requirements, any study wishing to use DocuSign or another electronic consent method should have this process approved by the IRB prior to implementation. If you have specific questions about your own study and whether or not electronic consent can be used, please reach out to the IRB at 916-703-9158 or