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(Emerging Service) DocuSign Pilot

A Service of Campus IT Partners

DocuSign is a “software as a service” tool that has been identified to automate electronic routing, signature and storage of documents.

This pilot project includes a one-year campus wide license for DocuSign, to demonstrate the value of this tool for campus in automating a number of business processes requiring signatures.  Based on the first year outcomes, if value is demonstrated, a proposal will be developed to fund ongoing licensing and support of the tool as a campus wide service.

  • Direct cost savings (e.g. printing and postage)
  • Indirect cost savings (labor costs)
  • Reduction in document turnaround time
  • Better “customer” experience for those who must sign documents
  • Secure, legally binding eSignature application
  • Customizable work flow functionality
  • Ability to create reusable templates for repeatable processes
  • Integrated with campus Single Sign On
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing use of paper
Get Started: 

For more information about the DocuSign pilot, or to be considered for participation in the pilot, contact




A license for 2017 has been procured and centrally funded for the pilot participants.  At the end of the pilot period an evaluation will be made about continuing DocuSign as a campus wide service, and what funding and support model would be most appropriate moving forward.  

Additional Information

Learn More: 

Review DocuSign FAQ in the UC Davis Knowledge Base.