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Data Network Services

A Service of IET

Data (NAM) installations, activations, and disconnects. The spectrum of communication services available at UC Davis can increase your efficiency in obtaining, distributing, and managing information.

  • local area network coordination
  • NAM (Network Access Module or "jack") management
  • installation of additional hubs
  • 10/100MB service to the NAM
  • 1 Gig service to the NAM
  • DSL service (requires prior approval from CR)
Get Started: 

Each department on campus has an Authorized Telecommunications Representative (ATR) that is responsible for communications services. ATRs can access service request forms to order/change/disconnect telecommunications services, and download electronic telecommunications statements.

Find your department's ATR


Data services are available 24/7. Customer service is available Mon-Fri, 8am-noon & 1-5pm (closed noon-1pm).


This service is covered by the Common Good Assessment (CGA). See the FAQ under Attachments & Downloads below for more information about the CGA and Communications Resources services.

For more information about the CGA in general, visit this page on the Budget & Institutional Analysis (BIA) website.

Additional Information

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Ordering a NAM activation for immediate network connectivity

Requests may be submitted if your department has an existing local area network.

Please note - Formal estimates are necessary for new building construction, major space renovations or large department moves, as they are billed on a time and materials basis. Please consult with your Customer Service Representative in IET Communications Resources or call 752-4603 in order to initiate any estimating requests.

Data Activations:

  • Data activation is connecting an existing NAM to a live data switch and port.

Data Installation:

  • requires NAM installation and is based on a time and materials charge.
For IT Providers: 

Speed is dependent on existing wiring or the wiring being pulled for the installation. It can very from 10/100/1000MB.

  • 10/100MB Service to the NAM provides data network connectivity at a maximum throughput of 10/100MB speed of service.
  • 1 Gig Service to the NAM provides data network connectivity at a 1G speed of data.

Infoblox Netadmin Information

Infoblox is the campus DNS and DHCP system offered by IET - Communications Resources. Campus network administrators can access Infoblox to control their department's subdomain names and DHCP configuration.