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Crashplan Backup Service

A Service of IET

CrashPlan is a cloud backup solution. It allows individual users to control backups of their desktop computers while allowing the user's department to maintain control over access. 

CrashPlan backs up data automatically, with no user effort or intervention required, and enables users to quickly and easily restore their own data. CrashPlan is ideally suited for desktops and small file workloads that do not change often.  It is not designed to back up busy servers.

  • Endpoint and cloud encryption to ensure security
  • Trickle-based backup that will not burden networks or firewalls. Initial backups may take several hours or days, but afterwards, continuous and incremental backups are conducted without user intervention
  • Cross-platform: Available for Mac, Windows, Solaris and Linux
  • Departmental administration of backups keys for ease of recovery
  • Ability to backup four computer with one license

Each licensed user can back-up four different devices.  As soon as you add a user to the CrashPlan service, you will be charged the license fee. Once you add a fifth device, you will be charged an additional license that renews annually. Administrative accounts used for managing the organization count as a license.

The license fee is annual.  It renews 12 months after a user is added or a fifth device is backed up. The organization administrator will receive a monthly bill stating when each user license will renew. To discontinue charges deactivate backups prior to license renewal.

CrashPlan allows a local administrator to restore files from other users' computers that are part of the administrator's organization.  If a shared account is used to manage multiple computers, then each computer can restore files from any other computer that shares the same user.  All restores of files not your own are covered by PPM 310-24, and without the user's consent, the non-consensual process PPM 310-24 (V)(B) Access without consent must be followed.  

Effective March, 2016, IET will update the CrashPlan client on all subscribers' computers centrally.  No intervention on the part of the user or departmental administrator will be required.  In this manner the CrashPlan client will always be up-to-date.

Get Started: 

Before requesting CrashPlan, check with your department's IT Support to see if they have any requirements.

Then, to request CrashPlan service, contact Once approved, you will receive instructions on how to install the software.



IET supports CrashPlan by maintaining a management server to delegate for restores to local administrators. Support is provided by IT Express for this delegation. For further help on CrashPlan, please visit the vendor help site at 

For IET rates or service consultation, contact IET’s Business Relationship Management office at:

Additional Information

Learn More: 

More background information and extensive documentation of CrashPlan is available at the Code42 website.

IET manages the org delegation and local authentication server.  For questions about CrashPlan functionality or for troubleshooting help, please contact Code42 directly