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Cellular Phone Service

A Service of IET

When your work takes you out of the office and away from your telephone and desktop computer, you can keep the lines of communication open with cellular phone service provided by Communications Resources.

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Each department on campus has an Authorized Telecommunications Representative (ATR) that is responsible for communications services. ATRs can access service request forms to order/change/disconnect telecommunications services, and download electronic telecommunications statements.

Future and existing cellular service users are strongly encouraged to review the UCOP Guidelines for use of cellular equipment found in the RELATED KNOWLEDGE section to the right.

Find your department's ATR

Campus customers are responsible for the purchase of their own cellular equipment and the range of options for cellular equipment is continually changing. Therefore, we recommend visiting AT&T Premier website, a UC Davis Customer portal offered by AT&T, to view discounted equipment and rate plans for customers in UC Davis departments. Login to Premier with username "ucdavisviewonly" and password "4Campu$option$". (Do not use quotes as part of the login/password). AT&T Premier displays the latest cellular equipment and plans available.


Customer service is available Mon-Fri, 8am-noon & 1-5pm (closed noon-1pm).

For IET rates or service consultation, contact IET’s Business Relationship Management office at:

Additional Information

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Cellular Telephone Service with Campus Voice Mail

Though some of the cellular calling plans include wireless voice mail, you can still use your campus voice mailbox to stay in touch with your cellular phone. With the addition of the campus voice mail advance feature package, you can use the out call notification feature to program your mailbox to call your cellular phone when messages are waiting. If you are not sure if you have this feature on your campus voice mailbox, contact your Communications Resources Customer Service Representative at 752-4603.

Steps to browse for cellphones and rate plans in AT&T Premier:

  1. Visit the AT&T Premier web site.
  2. Log in to Premier with username "ucdavisviewonly" and password "4Campu$option$". (Password is case sensitive. Do not use quotes as part of the login/password.)
  3. Follow the order workflow to browse for available devices, accessories, rate plans and features.
  4. Print a copy of your shopping cart to prepare your department purchase order.
  5. Fax a copy of the approved purchase order to Penny Carter at FAX: 530-754-2424.
  6. Have your ATR submit a Mobile Communications Request Form to order the cellular service that accompanies your equipment order.
  7. Review UCOP Policy G46 regarding UC Guidelines for Purchase and Use of Cellular Phones.  Complete form BFB-G-46, acquire appropriate signatures, and keep on file.

Please direct any of your questions about cellular equipment and services to Communications Resources' Mobile Communications Representative, Penny Carter, Phone: 530-752-1197 and Fax: 530-754-2424 . 

For IT Providers: 

Cellular Telephone Repair

Customers are responsible for the purchase, care and maintenance of their telephones and equipment. Communications Resources will not repair or troubleshoot wireless telephone equipment problems. Customer care for wireless equipment can be found by dialing 611 from your wireless telephone. However, since this is a campus account, technical support may be limited without CR involvement. Alternatively, you can call Penny Carter in CR at 530-752-1197 for assistance.