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A Service of Campus IT Partners

Box is a cloud-hosted data storage and collaboration service and tool for students, faculty, and staff. Box enables UC Davis affiliates the ability to share and access information from anywhere, at any time, and with any device.

  • Unlimited cloud storage for UC Davis faculty, staff and students.
  • 15GB individual file size limit (individual files can be up to 15GB).
  • Synchronize files between the cloud and various devices (individual computers, smartphones, and tablets).
  • Flexible sharing and collaboration with people inside and outside of UC Davis.
  • Encrypted storage of files in the cloud and in transit; all cloud storage hosted within the United States.
  • File version history with roll-back and un-delete capabilities.
Get Started: 

To sign-up for Box, login online at



Additional Information

Learn More: 

You can find help using your account by visiting the Box Community at, where you can find training videos, best practice documents, a searchable knowledge base, and peer support from the community of Box users.

Box also offers a series of free classes on various topics such as sharing content and creating and organizing your folders. For information visit


Policies & Guidelines:

For guidance on Department, Lab, Workgroup or other institutional use of Box, please see Box for Departmental Use:

For guidance on the types of sensitive data that can be stored in Box, please see:


For IT Providers: 

The current list of UC Davis IT support professionals holding administrative rights for the Box service, along with a listing of the rights held by these individuals is available here (UC Davis access only):

UC Davis administrative rights for the Box service

Support for Box is provided through a partnership between department IT, IET-IT Express, and the Box Admins group. The expectations and pathways between these support groups are defined here:

Box Support Pathways and Expectations