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A Service of IET

Aggiefeed is a campus activity stream that displays information and events submitted by approved campus departments and organizations. It provides date-driven content in real time, such as events, activities and WarnMe alerts. Aggiefeed provides content pertinent to students, faculty, and staff, and messages can be targeted directly to specific groups and individuals or made public for anyone to read.

Aggiefeed is currently accessible on the official UC Davis Mobile app, on myucdavis, and at Any group on campus can embed aggiefeed on their own web site and customize it to meet their needs. For example, Financial Aid uses aggiefeed on their site to show only their upcoming events and related information. There's a simple to use web tool that can quickly generate the code you need to include aggiefeed on your site.

  • Aggiefeed can help departments simplify their processes for approving and distributing notices, plus reduce their reliance on mass emails
  • Ability to embed the stream within other websites
  • Individuals can adjust their settings to receive the information they want, and search for subjects that interest them
  • Accessible via UC Davis Mobile and myucdavis
Get Started: 

Check out aggiefeed online or at

To access aggiefeed via UC Davis Mobile, go to to download the iOS or Android version of the app.

Groups interested in posting messages to the stream can send a request for access to

There are three methods for posting content:

  1. Add content automatically from existing sources, such as RSS feeds, calendars and social media. This is the best method, and efficiently re-uses existing information.
  2. Enter content manually through an admin interface. This method can target groups such as students, faculty, staff, and public.
  3. Content can be added via APIs (see our technical documentation for instructions:

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Additional Information

Attachments & Downloads: 
For IT Providers: 

Aggiefeed can now be embedded on any website with a few simple snippets of HTML code.  The goal is to make it as easy as possible to embed while providing as much flexibility as possible in the display and compatibility of the feed.  Some simple instructions are provided below or you can generate the code automatically by using the following tool: