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Aggie Desktop

A Service of Campus IT Partners

Aggie Desktop is an initiative and resulting ongoing service to redesign how desktop computing environments (desktops, laptops and mobile devices) are delivered with the goals of: 

  • improving the end-user desktop experience,  
  • eliminating duplicate infrastructure and effort required to support desktop users,  
  • lowering the costs of delivering desktop computing, and 
  • delivering ready and reliable access to the computer-mediated tools and data that UC Davis affiliates need to get their work done. 

The various component services that comprise Aggie Desktop will be available as a bundle or a-la-carte to campus technologists, allowing departments to use just the services they need without sacrificing flexibility. 

  • Faster time to delivery, from purchase through deployment 
  • Eliminate duplicate infrastructure and effort
  • Standard computing environment across campus (easier technology transitions for staff who change departments) 
  • More self-service options for installing, upgrading software, changing settings/preferences 
  • Parity across Mac and Windows 
  • More stable and secure computing environment with fewer interruptions 
  • Lower maintenance and software licensing costs across device lifetime 
  • More flexibility in choosing when, where and how to work 
  • Less downtime and fast access to help resources when things do go wrong  
  • Lower purchase costs for laptops, desktops and mobile devices (in partnership with Bulk Purchase Program) 
Get Started: 

Check out the Aggie Desktop website ( for specific service offerings and on-boarding instructions.

Contact the Aggie Desktop team at for more information.


Aggie Desktop is currently in development. Individual services will be released to campus in the future.


Client organizations will be responsible for any endpoint licensing costs.

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