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Procurement Support

When deciding how to apply cyber-security requirements for new products, information security experts and procurement organizations need to work with vendors so that together they can implement and maintain the correct cyber-security controls and prevent costly retrofits.

Risk Assessment

Laws (HIPAA) and industry mandates (PCI) require organizations to assess their vulnerabilities and risks. Organizations must be conscious of information security, and must develop and implement proper security controls based on their internal risk and vulnerability assessments. These assessments can help the organization:

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption secures websites, intranets, extranets, and other server-based applications. SSL guards network access, online communications, and digital transactions by enabling a secure channel between servers and users. Since support for SSL is built into most modern web browsers and servers, all that is needed is the simple installation of a trusted SSL certificate. The certificate assures web users that a web server is authentic.

Software Licensing Coordination processes all SSL certificate orders.

Vulnerability Scanning Service

A self-directed Nessus scan is initiated by a VLAN administrator or technology support coordinator (TSC). These self-directed scans can be configured to search for more vulnerabilities than the campus scan seeks.

The Nessus vulnerability scanner provides patch, configuration, and compliance auditing; mobile, malware and botnet discovery; and sensitive data identification, with a continuously updated library of more than 60,000 plug-ins and the support of Tenable's expert vulnerability research team.