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Academic & Research Programming Services

Academic Research Programming Services provides support for research and education projects. Programmers develop software applications and websites to enhance teaching and learning on campus. The service also offers recharge programming to UC Davis Health.

Qualtrics Research Suite for Online Surveys

Qualtrics Research Suite is a powerful survey tool that is highly customizable and easy to use. With Qualtrics, you can design and distribute surveys, manage the responses, track the participants, and analyze the data, all in an easy-to-navigate, web-based interface. 

Secure Research Computing Environment

The Secure Research Computing Environment (SRCE) is a cloud-based research infrastructure program.  It is designed to be used by researchers who need to meet a compliance standard in order to work with highly sensitive data. Originally designed to the NIST 800-171 standard, SRCE provides custom-sized servers (Windows and/or Linux terminal systems) as well as secure data upload and download infrastructure (enhanced SFTP).