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Communication & Collaboration

Browse services related to communication channels and tools, like email.


uConnect offers a set of Microsoft services for authentication, authorization, email, instant messaging, screen sharing and voice and video conferencing. The services are available to faculty, staff and students. uConnect hosts over 29,000 mailboxes in Exchange Online and allows logon services for all affiliates with campus computing accounts. Academic and administrative units may leverage uConnect's Active Directory for management of systems, users, and groups.

uConnect Active Directory

uConnect Active Directory is a central Microsoft Active Directory implementation for campus.  It allows campus departments to join desktops and servers to a shared Active Directory environment, realize the benefits of being within the same organization as other departments on campus, and utilize other uConnect services.

uConnect Exchange On-Prem

uConnect Local (Exchange) is an email system with electronic mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks for users who need their mail stored on the premises. It includes support for mobile and web-based access and data storage.

uConnect Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft's cloud-based suite of Office productivity software. Campus users can get access to a widening array of cloud-based software for communication, collaboration, and productivity.

uConnect Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online is an enterprise communications platform, part of Microsoft Office 365 (it was formerly known as uConnect Lync or Lync at UC Davis; see Microsoft's statement on the name change).