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Communication & Collaboration


Box is a cloud-hosted data storage and collaboration service and tool for students, faculty, and staff. Box enables UC Davis affiliates the ability to share and access information from anywhere, at any time, and with any device.

Cable Television (Xfinity)

Cable television service is available to a limited number of locations on the UC Davis campus, both to departments, as well as to students living in residence halls.

Xfinity cable is available at no charge to students living in the following residence halls (only available when connected to the campus network): Colleges at La Rue (under student housing contract), Cuarto, Primero Grove, Regan Hall, Segundo, Solano Park, and Tercero.

Campus Operator

The Campus Operators for UC Davis assist callers in reaching the appropriate people and/or departments on campus.

Cellular Phone Service

When your work takes you out of the office and away from your telephone and desktop computer, you can keep the lines of communication open with cellular phone service provided by Communications Resources.

Class Lists

Class lists allow faculty to send email messages to the students registered for their courses using the Email List Processor. The lists are defined by CRN numbers, with the subscribers updated daily.


DavisMail, powered by Google/Gmail, is the campus email service for UC Davis students, and an option for academic and administrative departments.

Email Forwarding for Life

UC Davis offers an optional and complimentary service that will forward your mailid email to an external email address of your choice (e.g., user after you have left the University. This forwarding service will apply only to new incoming email sent to your mailid address after you register. 

Email Lists

The campus email list processor (Sympa) is a mailing list service that allows users to create email lists, add and remove subscribers, setup archives, and configure settings. The campus email list processor is available to all campus constituents.


GitHub is a service provided under the auspices of the Administrative Application Development Initiative (AADI) and supported by the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Development & Alumni Relations, and the Division of Social Sciences in the College of Letters & Sciences.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education is a suite of Google applications. Google Drive is the home of Google Docs, a suite of productivity applications that offer collaborative editing on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.