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Classrooms, Labs & Printing

Services and access to tools related to media labs, computer rooms, video conferencing, audio-visual equipment, accessible technologies, and more.

Center for Accessibility Technologies (CAT)

The Center for Accessible Technologies (CAT) houses electronic resources for faculty, students, and staff with disabilities in a centralized location at Shields Library.  Resources available at the CAT include a variety of state-of-the-art accessible hardware (e.g., large-screen adjustable-height monitors, specialized input devices), software (e.g., screen reading, dictation software), and furnishings (e.g. adjustable chairs, tables).

Classroom Hotline

Provides fast technical support for faculty having difficulty with any media equipment or service in general assignment classrooms. The hotline dispatches a team member to the classroom within minutes, getting the lecture back on track with minimal disruption. 

IET Media Lab

The IET Media Lab, in 2101 Student Community Center (SCC), is the main general access media production computer lab on the UC Davis campus. The lab provides access to media equipment and software for students, faculty, and staff to create their own projects using scanners, video and audio equipment, and general computer stations.

Open Access Computer Labs

Academic Technology Services provides six open access compute labs for campus use. These labs are available to any campus affiliate with a UC Davis LoginID. All open access labs have black and white printing, color printing, and scanners available.


Black-and-white printing is available in all IET computer rooms. The open-access computer labs also offer color printing.

Virtual Lab

The IET Virtual Lab allows remote connections to computers in the IET computer rooms on campus. This lets students work on assignments using specialized software when the computer rooms are closed.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing allows students, faculty, and staff to print from their laptops using the UC Davis wireless network. Sheets printed are counted on the same quota as normal printing within the IET computer rooms.