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Account Management

Authentication (web single sign on)

Web single sign-on (Web SSO) authentication services are used to verify a person's identity when they sign into a password-protected website. Once a person signs into the Web SSO system, they can seamlessly access other Web-SSO-protected websites without being prompted for their password again. UC Davis currently offers two Web SSO services: CAS and Shibboleth.

Computing Accounts

Computing Accounts service provides a centralized location for UC Davis affiliates to create and manage their online computing account.

Duo Multi-factor Authentication

Duo is a multi-factor authentication system that will make it much harder for hackers to access your UC Davis accounts. Even if someone has stolen your passphrase, they will need a “second factor” — in most cases a temporary numeric code, to access your account.

Identity Management (Mothra/IAM)

The Identity Access Management (IAM) suite collects data from the campus identity sources to arrive at an authoritative identity record for every UC Davis affiliate.  The IAM system uses this data to inform account provisioning and provides the data to campus clients as needed.


Shibboleth federated single sign-on authentication service is a standards-based, open source software package for web single sign-on across or within organizational boundaries.

TAF (Temporary Affiliate Form)

The TAF (Temporary Affiliate Form) temporarily provides non-UC Davis individuals with UC Davis Kerberos accounts and email addresses.