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Voice Communications - Staff

Access a range of telecommunication services to set-up, repair, or change service to telephone, pager, or radio. Services also include assistance with conference calling, voice mail, calling cards, and directory assistance.

Campus Operator

The Campus Operators for UC Davis assist callers in reaching the appropriate people and/or departments on campus.

Cellular Phone Service

When your work takes you out of the office and away from your telephone and desktop computer, you can keep the lines of communication open with cellular phone service provided by Communications Resources.

Conference Calling

Communications Resources offers a variety of conference call solutions for your collaboration needs. In addition to the conference calling services offered, every campus telephone can initiate a 3-way conference call. A 6-way conference calling feature is also available for an additional cost.

Custom Telecommunications Service Order

Unique telecommunications requirements that need a technical review by staff to clearly define scope and solution for non-standard telecommunication work. For example, requesting AT&T services for an off-campus location is a custom service order.


The Jabber Client softphone feature will let you do several tasks from your computer and/or smartphone, such as send instant messages, share your availability via your Outlook calendar, share your desktop, make calls from your computer using a headset, manage your voicemails, and more.

Paging Services

When you are on the go and want the ultimate in hassle-free communications wherever you are--you need a pager! All Communications Resources' pagers are provided through SPOK and include the custom greeting feature.

Radio Services

Radio services includes providing two way communications and programming/reconfiguration for subscribers. Radio service is only for use for campus department. Coverage is available both on and between the Davis and Sacramento campuses.

Telecommunications Engineering Request

Engineer, design, and installation of complete telecommunication services (voice, data, video) for new construction (minor/major capital), renovation, at on and off campus locations.

Telephone Service

Add, Disconnect, Move or Change Campus Telephone Service. This service allows you to order a new telephone or FAX line, or disconnect an existing line. It should also be used for ordering and changing multiline telephone sets, requesting moves and making changes to services on telephone and FAX lines.

Voice Mail (Retiring)

This service page is intended for non-VoIP customers. If you are a VoIP customer, go to the Voice Mail (VoIP) service page linked in the Support Center to your right. 

UC Davis Voice Mail provides the essential voicemail features that you expect, as well as enhanced options that allow you to customize your mailbox.


Voice Mail (VoIP)

VoIP Voice Mail provides flexible message access and delivery format options, including support for notification via email.


Communications Resources is performing a major upgrade of the campus telephone system by exchanging the traditional analog phone network with a digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based solution. The new hosted VoIP system ensures high quality voice communications.

Service users will receive new VoIP telephones.