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Account Management - Staff

Authentication (web single sign on)

Web single sign-on (Web SSO) authentication services are used to verify a person's identity when they sign into a password-protected website. Once a person signs into the Web SSO system, they can seamlessly access other Web-SSO-protected websites without being prompted for their password again. UC Davis currently offers two Web SSO services: CAS and Shibboleth.

Computing Accounts

Computing Accounts service provides a centralized location for UC Davis affiliates to create and manage their online computing account.

Duo Multi-factor Authentication

Duo is a multi-factor authentication system that will make it much harder for hackers to access your UC Davis accounts. Even if someone has stolen your passphrase, they will need a “second factor” — in most cases a temporary numeric code, to access your account.

TAF (Temporary Affiliate Form)

The TAF (Temporary Affiliate Form) temporarily provides non-UC Davis individuals with UC Davis Kerberos accounts and email addresses.