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Web Services - IT Provider

Web Services offers academic and administrative departments the ability to build websites with broad features and functions.


SiteFarm is the next evolution of UC Davis Web Content Management.

This service is a modern content management and web publishing solution. Taking advantage of the design implemented on the UC Davis Home Site, as well as the power of Drupal, SiteFarm will be made available to faculty, staff and IT providers to create great-looking, modern, and easy-to-edit web sites.

Web Hosting (cPanel)

A web site hosting service using the cPanel application allows departments to run a web site without the investment in purchasing and maintaining hardware and software.​

Web Hosting - Pantheon

IET offers a high-performance, high-availability cloud solution for hosting sites and applications built using Drupal and WordPress, open source web application development platforms. This hosting solution is uniquely configured for a fast and scalable Drupal and WordPress stack with built-in continuous integration, development and testing environment, and version control.