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Software & Business Applications - IT Provider

Access to software and services that deliver the core administrative systems and applications for the UC Davis campus.


Banner is UC Davis' primary application for Staff and Faculty to access student information. Since its original implementation in 1992, the system has been updated to reflect changing requirements, functional enhancements, and technological advances.  Banner is a proprietary product from Ellucian.


Confluence is an enterprise wiki created by Atlassian that provides a secure, stable and customisable wiki environment for users and teams to collaborate on documentation and knowledge sharing.

Continuous Build Integration: Bamboo

Bamboo, a continuous integration (CI) server, assists software development teams by providing automated building and testing of software source-code.

DocuSign Pilot

DocuSign is a “software as a service” tool that has been identified to automate electronic routing, signature and storage of documents.

This pilot project includes a one-year campus wide license for DocuSign, to demonstrate the value of this tool for campus in automating a number of business processes requiring signatures.  Based on the first year outcomes, if value is demonstrated, a proposal will be developed to fund ongoing licensing and support of the tool as a campus wide service.

Duo Multi-factor Authentication

Duo multi-factor authentication is a system that requires a second piece of information or “factor” (such as a temporary code that is created for you) before you can log in to a site or service. Using multi-factor authentication improves privacy and security.


GitHub is a service provided under the auspices of the Administrative Application Development Initiative (AADI) and supported by the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Development & Alumni Relations, and the Division of Social Sciences in the College of Letters & Sciences.

Instructional Planning & Administration (IPA)

Instructional Planning and Administration (IPA) is a UC Davis-developed web application designed to make all aspects of academic scheduling faster and easier. 

IPA grew out of the needs of the academic coordinators on the UC Davis campus. It was envisioned by the UC Davis Administrative Application Development Initiative (AADI) and designed in conjunction with a volunteer committee made up of staff members from many departments on campus. Product design and development was performed by the DSS IT Developers Group.


JIRA is a bug tracking and agile project management tool used for development and maintenance of application software. JIRA is part of the Atlassian OnDemand suite that includes Confluence.

Key Management Service - KMS

The Microsoft Key Management Service provides product key information to Microsoft products using the MCCA agreements. The service uses a product key to verify the legitimacy of any Microsoft software before activating it. 

Kuali Rice

Kuali Rice provides an enterprise class middleware suite of integrated products that allows for applications to be built in an agile fashion.


Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects.

IET maintains a centralized maven and maven2 repository using Artifactory for use by its development teams and Campus IT partners.

Oracle Names Server

The Oracle Names Service is a central repository for Oracle database connection information.  Campus Oracle databases store their connection information in this repository so third-party applications can attach to the databases, and any connection information can be updated in one place.  This service replaces the use of local TNSNames.ora files.


This application is designed to handle the departmental pre-purchasing process. PrePurchasing allows users to submit any type of order request, including KFS, AggieTravel, and other campus services. This application also aids in the departmental approval process associated with approving order requests. Seamless integration with KFS.

Qualtrics Research Suite for Online Surveys

Qualtrics Research Suite is a powerful survey tool that is highly customizable and easy to use. With Qualtrics, you can design and distribute surveys, manage the responses, track the participants, and analyze the data, all in an easy-to-navigate, web-based interface. 


ServiceNow is an enterprise application that provides a robust suite of applications to automate and streamline IT and business unit operations. ServiceNow is offered under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model and is accessed through a web-based interface that can be easily configured to adapt to a variety of workflow and processes.

Software License Coordination

Software License Coordination includes a website and staff to manage software licenses. The service includes monitoring usage, vendor management to negotiate and obtain best value, and distributing costs to various campus departments.

UC Administrative System File Transfer Service

The File Transfer Service allows campus units to transfer files to and from the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and other UC and UC Davis wide applications, such as UC Path and IAM.

uConnect ADFS

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is a feature in Windows [Server] operating systems that provides Web single-sign-on (SSO) technologies to authenticate a user to multiple, related Web applications over the life of a single online session. AD FS accomplishes this by securely sharing digital identity and entitlement rights, or "claims," across security and enterprise boundaries.