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Security - Faculty

UC Davis and the University of California are strongly committed to sustaining high standards in the protection of data assets and information technology resources that support the University’s academic, enterprise, and research operations and objectives.  This category includes the Operational and Business services the Information Security team currently offers to help the university reach and exceed these objectives.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) delivers risk visibility, business context and security business intelligence enabling enterprises to protect sensitive data and assets from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats through a portfolio of high priority security controls.

Incident Response

The Information Security team helps the campus and IET through training and consulting on security incidents. After a severe incident, the team will help prevent further damage to the campus by working with the departments and any outside support (such as the police) to remediate the incident, thus staying compliant with laws and regulations.

Information Security Training and Awareness

The best way to achieve a significant and lasting improvement in information security is not to throw more technical solutions at a problem--the best approach is to teach the basics of information security to everyone who interacts with computer networks, systems, and information.