Voice Mail

A service of IET

UC Davis Voice Mail provides the essential voicemail features that you expect, as well as enhanced options that allow you to customize your mailbox.

  • Online Voice Mail Portal
  • Mailbox Full and Almost Full Warnings
  • Message Envelope Information
  • Message Playback Options
  • Notifications
  • Private Messages
  • Scheduled Message Delivery
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Each department on campus has an Authorized Telecommunications Representative (ATR) that is responsible for communications services. ATRs can access service request forms to order/change/disconnect telecommunications services and use the e-Bill application to download electronic telecommunications statements.

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Voice mail is available 24/7. Customer service is available Mon-Fri, 8am-noon & 1-5pm (closed noon-1pm).


This service is covered by the Common Good Assessment (CGA). See the FAQ under Attachments & Downloads below for more information about the CGA and Communications Resources services.

For more information about the CGA in general, visit this page on the Budget & Institutional Analysis (BIA) website.

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Accessing the Voice Mail System

To access the voice mail system, dial 754-0054. From outside the area code dial 530-754-0054. For more information on how to use the campus voice mail system, please refer to  myphone.ucdavis.edu.

Available Features and Configurations

  • Address Book: Set up a personal address book that contains contacts and personal distribution lists.
  • Call Return: Call the message sender and return to the mailbox after the call completes.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): Access and manage messages visually using the voice mail portal.
  • Greeting Only Mailbox: Callers can access a “listen only” mailbox to hear a greeting that the mailbox owner has recorded. The caller cannot leave a message.
  • Greetings: Create busy, no answer, and extended absence greetings to play to callers. Also, create a greeting to allow callers to select the language in which they hear prompts play.
  • Mailbox Full and Almost Full Warnings: The system notifies you in when your mailbox space approaches or exceeds a specified threshold.
  • Mailbox Preferences: You can change your personal mailbox options. Personal options control the information about you as a subscriber and some of the choices you make for interacting with voice mail.
  • Message Age and Deletion: UC Davis Voice Mail sets a limit on how long messages can be retained in your mailbox. This enables service providers to free up message storage space. The voice mail portal has a view that indicates how long a message will be kept before it is deleted.
  • Message Envelope Information: Retrieve the sender name, time, and date of messages.
  • Message Playback Options: While listening to a message, you can press keys on your phone to advance or rewind the message a specified number of seconds, pause and resume playback, and increase or decrease the volume of the message playback. During or after message playback, you can re-play, save, delete, forward, and reply to the message. After you listen to the message, you can also play its envelope information.
  • Notifications: UC Davis Voice Mail can notify you that you have received a new message. You can receive notifications by a message waiting indicator (MWI) light on your phone, an e-mail message or by receiving a phone call to any phone number you specify. You can enable or suspend notifications by using your telephone or voice mail portal.
  • Out-dial Message: Record a message and address it to a distribution list. The system dials each member of the list, both on and off the UC Davis Voice Mail platform.
  • Private Messages: You can set the sensitivity level of a message to private. Private messages cannot be forwarded to other subscribers.
  • Scheduled Message Delivery: You can specify a date and time to deliver an outgoing message.
  • Subscriber Transfer: Set up a number
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