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Symposium is a campus video conferencing solution that allows both on-campus and off-campus video capabilities. It allows connection using high quality video for remote learning and research purposes. Symposium can be used anywhere there's an internet connection, from a dedicated video conferencing room to a laptop or smartphone.

Symposium is currently being piloted by several campus constituents. The Symposium team is seeking more use cases before widely promoting it as a production service.


Symposium offers:

  • Classroom-to-classroom video conferencing: Classes can be run simultaneously at both locations through full classroom-to-classroom video-conference, including the capability to capture video/audio of the instructor, presentation content, and audiences at both locations.
  • Lecture review: A class session can be recorded and made available to students for review purposes.
  • Speaker broadcast: If a guest speaker comes to campus, the classroom video-conferencing /lecture recording equipment can be used to stream a presentation to remote classrooms.
  • Remote faculty/speaker: If an instructor/lecturer/presenter is not available to lead a session on location, Symposium allows the instructor to lead a session from their remote location.
  • Faculty office hours: With Symposium, instructors can simplify their office hours and include multiple students.
  • Meetings and project collaboration: Faculty or staff can video conference with colleagues using an Unified Communications standards based clients.
  • Distance learning: Symposium opens the door to conducting and producing content-rich virtual courses to remote locations or audiences.
  • Travel reduction: Symposium can be used to reduce the need and cost of traveling to meetings, conferences, and the like.
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