ETRA (Education Technology and Resource Awards)

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Education Technology Resource Awards (ETRA) help faculty cover technology labor costs accumulated for instructional purposes.

Grants are awarded on an application basis.


ETRA grants cover the cost of in-house labor such as:

  • Audio and video production
  • Graphics and illustrations
  • Programming or animation consultation
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Apply by completing form at


Available to faculty. All proposals must meet these criteria:

  • The request is for a regularly scheduled course, or series of courses, at UC Davis.
  • The final product would clearly benefit the teaching/learning process.
  • The final product makes effective use of the requested technology.
  • ATS has the expertise in-house to do the project.
  • ATS has staff available to do the project on the date(s) requested in the application.

The project must provide an evaluation that reflects student responses to the product, as well as any other evaluations the instructor chooses to perform.

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  • Programming or animation consultation: Not to exceed 16 hours (e.g. for planning a larger project, brainstorming for technology options to present specific course content, advanced training on multimedia software [such as FlashMX, CFMX, Photoshop]).
  • Graphics and Illustrations: Original artwork, consulting and or training, not to exceed 16 hours.
  • Video/audio productions or consultations: Not to exceed 16 hours (e.g. recording a lecture or instruction, video-editing and webstreaming. Multi-camera shoot up to 3 hours).
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