DNS (Domain Name Service)

A service of IET

Domain Name System (DNS) converts names (e.g. www.ucdavis.edu) to IP addresses (e.g. that are used by networked devices to locate other networked devices across the Internet.  It can be compared to a phone book, allowing the user to enter a user-friendly name, and returning the address for that name.

The campus DNS settings are: Primary:   Secondary:

  • Hosts ucdavis.edu domain
  • Delegation of sub-domain management to departments (eg. ad3.ucdavis.edu)
  • Allows aliases (multiple names for a single server)
  • DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) are enabled
Get Started: 

To request a DNS change, email hostclerk@ucdavis.edu

To request access to InfoBlox, email noc@ucdavis.edu (Please provide your campus login name, phone number, email address, and a list of subnets/sub-domains you will need access to.)




Refer to the system maintenance schedule for additional availability details.

Additional Information

Learn More: 

General information on DNS.

Information about InfoBlox on campus.

The complete Infoblox user guide is available here.

Policies & Guidelines:
For IT Providers: 

The Infoblox acts as the DNS master for ucdavis.edu and a number of other zones. It allows delegated administration of campus DHCP and DNS services by departmental administrators. By logging into the Infoblox, admins can manage all aspects of the DNS and DHCP services for their department's VLANs and sub-domains.

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