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Conference Calling is a great way to bring a group of people together! Communications Resources offers a variety of conference call solutions for your collaboration needs. In addition to the conference calling services offered, every campus telephone can initiate a 3-way conference call. A 6-way conference calling feature is also available for an additional cost.


ReadyTalk Offers:

Meet Me Offers:

  • Up to 30 individuals can participate.

  • Reserved for the entire day

  • Audio conference only

  • Must be initiated on a campus provided landline

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In order to set up service you'll need to provide contact information for your department's authorized telecommunications representative (ATR) as well as contact information for the individual who needs a conference account. Once your account is set up, you'll receive an email containing your conference login along with links to helpful user guides.

  • To obtain a ReadyTalk conference account contact ReadyTalk Customer Care at 800-843-9166 or

Meet Me

  • Call 752-1011 to make arrangements.
  • 24-hour advance arrangement is requested.

Conference call services are available 24/7. Customer service for ReadyTalk and Meet Me conference call setup is available Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm.


For IET rates or service consultation, contact IET’s Business Relationship Management office at:

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Need Training?

ReadyTalk offers free training in formats that are convenient and appropriate for you. Sign up for one of ReadyTalk's daily training sessions or check out ReadyTalk's pre-recorded training modules:

Campus Telephone Conference Calling Features

(included on all campus telephone service)

UC Davis Three-Way Calling

An UCD staff or faculty member calling from a campus telephone can establish a conference with two other participants. This basic calling feature is called Three-way Conference Call.

  • no advance arrangement needed
  • available as a basic calling feature
  • toll charge: paid by person initiating conference call

UC Davis Six-Way Calling

An UCD staff or faculty member calling from a campus telephone can establish a conference with five other participants. A one-time installation fee plus a monthly service charge is required to set up the Six-way Conference Call feature. ATR's should contact IET Communications Resources to add this feature to a line.

  • available as an advanced calling feature
  • toll charge: paid by person initiating conference call
Policies & Guidelines:
For IT Providers: 

To launch web meetings faster, ReadyTalk Browser Plugins are available for all major browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari) and remove the dependency on Java for both the chairperson and co-presenters. The plugins require a one-time download that takes about 30 seconds. The next time the user starts a ReadyTalk meeting, they’ll be prompted to install the plugins (which is optional and doesn’t require administrative rights). Below is the link to download the plugins:

Support Center

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