Access the services, equipment, and training for a quality multimedia classroom.

Development of Online and Hybrid Courses

The Instructional Designer program supports UC Davis' involvement in the Online Instruction Pilot Program (OIPP). The group uses applications like Adobe Presenter, Articulate, and Soft Chalk to develop online and hybrid courses.

An instructional designer works one-on-one with faculty to align technology with pedagogical goals.

ETRA (Education Technology and Resource Awards)

Education Technology Resource Awards (ETRA) help faculty cover technology labor costs accumulated for instructional purposes.

Grants are awarded on an application basis.

Faculty Support and Training

The Faculty Support Group provides training to faculty on navigating the campus Learning Management System (LMS), developing online courses, using applications, and employing other technology tools.


iTunesU is a course manager that consolidates all course content—audio, e-books, handouts, and presentations—into one application. The app is hosted on the Internet, and configured to accommodate iPads, Macs, and PCs with Safari.

Digital audio files can be podcast via three mechanisms: The campus podcasting service, which offers subscriptions; iTunesU, which is intended primarily for public use, but can also be used for instruction; and SmartSite, which allows faculty to associate podcasts with their course content.


Media Cabinets

Media cabinets allow faculty to project videos, presentations, and the web from their laptops onto large screens in lecture halls.

Modeling & Animation

Animation and modeling services include 2D and 3D animation using applications like Flash, After Effects, and 3D modeling with polygons and NURBS using Maya and ZBrush. Animation capabilities include traditional keyframe animation and texture mapping as well as procedural animation and dynamics


Allows instructors and campus-affiliated organizations to record lectures, using digital audio recording equipment installed in lecture halls, or portable digital recorders.



SmartSite helps instructors organize course material (PowerPoint, podcasts, hyperlinks, etc.) into course sites.  It also features built-in tools such as the GradeBook, chat rooms, and collaborative wikis.

UC Davis is moving to a new learning management system, UC Davis Canvas. SmartSite will be available for teaching through Winter 2017.

In Spring 2017, no active sites will be in SmartSite and guest access will be restricted.

In Summer 2017, student access will be restricted.

Specialized Programming for Instruction

The Academic & Research Programming group offers recharge programming services to campus and health system clients for projects that are well aligned with ATS' core academic mission. In other words, we provide programming support to projects with pedagogical or research components.

Specialized Programming for Instruction fulfills programming needs for learning simulations or modules. Scripting support covers Action script, CF, Java, Javascript, PHP, and more.

UC Davis Canvas

UC Davis has chosen Canvas by Instructure as the new campuswide learning management system (LMS).

The service, called UC Davis Canvas, will replace SmartSite starting in fall quarter 2016. SmartSite will remain available until spring 2017 to allow multiple opportunities for individuals to move to the new LMS. IET will work with the campus to manage the transition.