Access the fundamental "getting connected" services, including wired and wireless connectivity throughout the campus.

Data Network Services

Data (NAM) installations, activations, and disconnects. The spectrum of communication services available at UC Davis can increase your efficiency in obtaining, distributing, and managing information.

Remote Access SSL/VPN

SSL VPN provides remote access to departmental servers, data sources and applications for faculty, staff and students.

VLAN Services

A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) facilitates "localized" routing and resource sharing capability for any computer on the campus network even if they are not located in the same physical location. By using MultiVLAN, campus departments can decrease the number of network connections (and the associated costs) needed to support servers and firewalls that span multiple VLANs.

Wireless Access Points

Looking for a care-free wireless solution? Communications Resources will meet your wireless needs with a desktop wireless access point, or custom installation of ceiling or wall mounted access points to provide service to most locations on campus.